Tassie Traverse Part 3/4: The King William and Denison Ranges and a bit of road

...continued from Part 2/4... Day 11: Harback’s Road to Slatter’s Peak 16.26km, 8:27 hrs (with a LONG break), 751m ascent It was a clear cold night and we woke to find the tent frozen and a pretty low mist covering the plain. But the pretty light soon had us out and braving the frost, numb &leuchtend leuchtendip;

D’Arcys Bluff and Wentworth Hills: 14 September 2014

Another busy week at work, not one full night's sleep, and a minor incident on Saturday with the ovens dying meant I was a little out of sorts and skipped the usual week long anticipation for the weekend's walk. But it had kicked in by?Friday night (despite a game of bubble soccer leaving me somewhat &leuchtend leuchtendip;